Best 10 Android Apps in 2021

Top 10 android apps in 2020

There’s no need to download 2.9 million android apps in the Google Play Store. And there’s no patience and time to download all the apps. So I’ve created a list of the best android apps in 2020 that will make your day much easier.

Not all of the 2.9 million apps in the Google Play Store are useful. Some of them have a masterpiece and some have duds. You don’t need to waste time and data by downloading all these apps.

We’ve created a list of the best android apps to save your time and data, including music, productivity, security, and utilities.

[Note: We’ve created a list based on the ratings, features, and popularity of apps here. That doesn’t mean you have to use them. You can use your own convenience and work as you please.]


1. Google Pay

Convert your phone to your own bank. There was a time when we were trading in paper currency. It’s time for the end of that era. Everything from marketing to buying plane tickets has changed the way you used to pay for it.

And this will help you with the Google Pay app. The biggest advantage of the Google Pay app is that it will turn your phone into your own bank. you may pay and transfer money in a second.

You can send money to any e-mail address using Google Pay – even non-Google. You can use email to send money, take the money, and request money.

The biggest problem with Google Pay is that it doesn’t support it in all countries. Google Play for iOS is available only in the U.S. and India.

Key Features:

  • ‌Integrated with most of the bank
  • ‌Transfer & Receive your money whenever you want.
  • ‌Available in 28 countries.
  • ‌Send or receive money by audio
  • ‌Multiple payment options are available on google pay.
  • ‌Get rewards on every payment.




2. Google Find My Device

Losing your phone in the modern age is one of the most painful experiences.

You will lose all contact information, personal information, personal picture, and financial data as soon as you lose your phone. If you can track your phone or delete all the data on the phone or turn on the alarm, what will happen then?

Google Find my device app will do the right thing which was known as Android Device Manager. It helps you to find your lost or stolen device.

By linking to GPS, this app helps you to locate Your smartphone or tablets. This apps gives you extra security to protect your data from another one. If you can’t get back your phone, you may erase your all personal data from Your phone.

Key Features:

  • ‌Track the location of your lost device.
  • ‌You can also use it from a PC or even an iPhone.
  • ‌User can track all their phones that are logged in with the same account.
  • ‌Erase the phone’s data.
  • ‌Lock your lost device.




3. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

We can’t spend a day without a phone. The phone is like oxygen for us.

But like computers, our Android phones can damage the phone from viruses. So we should use Anti-virus to prevent phone damage.

But it is hard to find the best anti-virus from this huge list. This post will help you to overcome this problem.

The most popular anti-virus is Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus.

Malware scanning, anti-theft, location detection are the main features of this anti-virus.

Key Features:

  • Virus cleaner
  • ‌Automated malware protection
  • ‌Anti-theft feature
  • ‌Sim alert
  • ‌Anti-phishing protection.
  • ‌Call blocking




4. Camscanner

A scanner is a device that examines, reading, or monitoring a particle or something by using radiation, ultrasound, or magnetic resonance.

CamScanner is a Chinese mobile app which was first released in 2011 for iOS and Android device.

It helps you to create a portable document format (PDF) file of your text documents by using your mobile camera. It automatically crops and resizes the file and scans it to the sharp font, You won’t find this kind of font on your mobile camera.

It has a free and paid version. In the free version, watermark is printed on your document.

Key Features:

  • ‌Scan any kinds of document
  • Scan multi-page document
  • Automatically crop scanned document
  • Enhanced the scan result
  • Create PDF files for scanned
  • Customizable page size
  • Merge documents
  • Multi-view option
  • Add notes to any documents




5. Spotify

You’ll find all kinds of music from old to last on the Spotify app.

Entertainment is an integral part of our life.  And music is a great way of entertainment.

And Spotify is one of the best android apps to listen to music. You can create playlists like yours. Again, Spotify by default has created a separate playlist. You can listen to music from there if you want.

Spotify has a free and premium version. Price plans are $4.99 to $14.99.

Moreover, it’s available not only for mobile but it also available for TV.

Key Features:

  • Make playlist easily
  • Listen or download music on high quality
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Retrieve a deleted playlist
  • find similar tunes
  • A private listening mode is available
  • Live Concerts
  • Shuffle play feature




6. Google Drive

Lost all your documents when the hard drive was damaged? Is the document needed at any time?

If anything like this happens, this article is for you. This article will let you know in detail about an application that will resolve your problems which are mentioned at the top. And that app is Google Drive. Before you know more about Google Drive., You need to know what Google Drive is.

Google Drive is one of the most used Cloud-storage options which gives you the opportunity to store your document, photos, videos, doc, and many more. 

In a word, Google drive is a file storage service by Google. Google is such a well-known company that no need to introduction about google.

Google Drive offers you a free account with 15GB storage. If you need more storage, you have to pay. Two paid plans are available on google drive. The 100GB plan is $1.99/month and the 2TB plan is available for $9.99/month.

Key Features:

  • Store your document
  • Highly secure
  • Free storage (15GB)
  • Preview and editing feature
  • Free office suite.
  • Various kinds of files can be stored.
  • 24/7 Support system.
  • Offline access.
  • Collaboration of tools.




7. Mint

Mint is a free personal finance application that helps you to create budgets and get suggestions based on your spending.

After creating an account,  you simply connect your bank, credit cards, and other bills. Mostly, any U.S-based bank will work. so, now a question comes to our mind that, is Mint safe?

If It’s a cause for fear, it’s time to put your fear to rest.

The major advantage of Mint is, it’s fully free. And investment tracker feature tracks your investment.  Also, track your transaction.

Key Features:

  • ‌Free, fast, and easy.
  • Reminders to pay bills.
  • ‌Highly automated.
  • Simple budgeting tools.
  • Check the credit score.
  • Bill management.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Available for web, iOS, and Android



8. Shazam

Do you know the music on the radio? What is the band of music?

Sometimes we are confused like this. And can’t find the best music according to our wish. And now this article helps you to remove your headache about this.

Shazam is one of my favorite free music apps because of its more feature than another app.

The major feature of this app is its music identification which helps you to capture the music.  You just need to capture music for a certain time and shazam gives you the details of that music. Moreover, you can play that music on Youtube.

Shazam can run on Android, BlackBerry, iPad, It, Windows, Mac, Windows Phone.

Are you worry about Its safety? Then leave this thought out of your mind. Shazam also knows that safety is the first priority.  So with this in mind, Shazam will keep your device completely safe. It won’t infect your device with viruses and malware.

Key Feature:

  • Easy to use.
  •  ‌Discovers any track in a blink of an eye.
  • Compatible with almost all the devices.
  • Displays the song lyrics.
  • Flawless at identifying music.
  • Keeps a track of all the tags.
  • Very accurate at identifying music.




9. Evernote

You’ll hear from many people about the Evernote app even if you never use it. If you don’t hear it yet, no problem. This article will let you know about Evernote in detail. But first, you need to know what Evernote is.

Evernote is an awesome note-taking app for managing ideas, memories, to-do-list, and mane more. 

Not only that, but you can also add a document, image, voice clip. That means Evernote will not miss anything you need.

This useful app is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, PC, and Mac.

In September 2020, Evernote released its last update. In this update, Evernote fixes a lot of problems and you will get this app more stable.

Evernote offers you 3 plans. One of which is free and the remaining 2plans are paid which is divided into a premium plan and business plan. The premium plan is 7.99/month and the Business plan is 14.99/month.

Key Features:

  • Strong search feature
  • Powerful note-taking and syncing
  • cloud-based that means can be accessed from anywhere
  • acts as a contact management tool
  • available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, PC, and Mac Community support
  • Audio recording
  • favorite webpages can be saved




10. KineMaster

There’s a lot of good software to edit videos on a computer. But there is very few software to edit videos on mobile. We’re confused about what’s good in these few applications. This article is enough to relieve your confusion. In this article, We will discuss the Kinemaster Video Editor in detail. So, let’s first know what KineMaster is.

Kinemaster is an extensive and professional video editing application which mainly designed for iOS and Android with a vast collection of tools by which users can create high-quality videos

Good quality video editing is not limited to desktops and laptops. Kinemaster will facilitate good quality video editing on mobile. This app comes with existing features and multiple tools. Edit video and audio with text, images, effect, and many more options.

The real-time recording feature ranks this app at the top of the list of best. Not only that, but you can also add effect to the entire video in an instant without the completing recording.

KineMaster provides a bunch of possibilities for video editing.  It adds layers of images, videos, texts, audios, and more. You can directly write or draw on the video.

Kinemaster’s advantage is not limited to that.  If you want to share your video instantly on social media, Kinemaster can be the best choice for you. Record video, edit it with a full-featured Kinemaster app, and share it on social media directly.

Kinemaster offers you a free plan. But the problem with the free plan is the watermark. After creating your video, a watermark is placed on your video. But, in the paid version watermark is removed. Kinemaster offers you two plans for $4.99/month and $39.99/annual.

 Key Features:

  • Multiple Layers
  • Huge collection of Themes
  • Effects
  • Speed Control feature
  • Music
  • Overlays
  • Lots of Stickers
  • Frame-by-Frame Trimming
  • Instant Preview option
  • Filter your audio
  • Volume Envelope
  • Animation effect
  • Transition effects




Final Thoughts

This is a short list of the best Android apps. Not that you have to use them. You can use apps like yours. It’s hard to find the best app from the Huge Collection. Our list can help you with this.

If you think we’ve missed something, please let us know in the comments Or Facebook Group & Page


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