How to Drive Website Traffic Without SEO

Drive web traffic

Whether you have a blog or a company website, you must need web traffic.

More broadly, you need people who visit your website regularly and read the content.

When this website traffic is important, we need to know how we can drive web traffic.

The most effective way to get website traffic is SEO. But most of the time you have to pay for SEO. you will glad to know that WordPress offers you to do SEO free by some plugin like YOAST SEO.

In this article, We’ll share 10 tactics on how to get web traffic for free.

So, without wasting a single second let’s check out free 10-tactic for website traffic.

1. Content Marketing

You’ll hear from many people to mention “content marketing”. But if you don’t know what content marketing is and if you’re embarrassed to ask someone, this article is for you.

In this article you will learn about content marketing.

Content marketing is a strategic marketing technique of creating,  publishing and distributing content to attract targeted audience online.

Let’s see an example to find out why content is important.

Think you have a restaurant. But your business is not going very well.

You still want to increase your client base.

In this case you have started blogging about food and regularly post articles.

Regularly you provide details about new offer, new items, campaigns in your post.

Over time, posts started to rank on search engines. People come to your blog by searching your post and get an idea about your restaurant.

And soon you started getting your customers.

This is a simple example of why content marketing is so important.  It helps you to grow up your business.

I bet that when you hear about “content marketing”, Facebook, Twitter or viral YouTube video comes to your mind.

But content marketing is not limited to that. It’s bigger than that.

To be successful on content marketing, you have to follow some strategy.

Firstly, you have to set your mission and goal. And make a list about What’s important and what’s not. Remove unnecessary things from your list.

It is important to have a clear concept of who are your audience. It’s very important. So you can create the right content. And be ensure that your audience is benefited from your content.


2. Email Marketing

Email is an important part of our daily work. More than 34% of the world’s population uses email.

Just think about how many people you know without an email account. The answer to this question is enough to explain the popularity of email. Now it’s important to know what email marketing is.

Email marketing is one kind of digital marketing that is based on sending emails to your audience to promote your business in an easy method.  

Email marketing is essential for you if you have a business or blog site. It will help you reach your audience easily.

Social media is not the only medium for your business or blog. Email marketing is also a kind of media. You can collect emails from people who subscribe to your site. You can let them know by email when you update something.

The best way to collect email is to add a subscription form to your site. You can collect their emails through the email subscription form when visitors arrive at your site.

There are other options for collecting emails. For example, you can collect emails with offers, collect emails with some download options for free, host a contest, and collect emails.


3.Guest Blogging

In simple terms, guest blogging is a kind of content marketing and SEO tactic where a writer publishes his writings on another’s blog so that the author can find visitors to his site. Guest blogging is also known as guest posting.

Let’s now know why guest blogging is so important.

One of the great benefits of guest blogging is the creation of a backlink. You can write articles as guests on other sites and bring visitors to your site. But how?

If you link your site to your article, the reader can click on the link to visit your site.

Again, it can be very difficult for you to gain the loyalty of audiences, even if you have the best content. One way to simplify this difficult task is to make guest blogging. By publishing your articles in a well-known blog, you can gain credibility as an informative source.


4. Add Image on your content

The images attract 90% more attention to the human brain than the writing. So if you add a picture to the article, it’s more interesting. Image is very important in tutorials, recipes, blogging, travel-based writing.

However, the irrelevant image cannot be added. It may irritate visitors rather than attract attention. Avoid irrelevant images to solve this problem.

It is true that images can mean a lot, but one thing must be maintained that unnecessary images have to remove from the article.

There are many free image download sites from where you can easily download high-quality images. For this, no need to spend a single penny.


5. Create content at a suitable Size

If a visitor visits your site and notices that you wrote a composition then he/she will be felt bored. And he/she may leave your site without reading a single line of your article. Write a suitable article to avoid visitors’ irritation.

A suitable article means, it will not be too small or too big. If the article is too small, it will be difficult to understand visitor. And it will be boring if the article is too long.

For example, you want to write articles on how to turn on the computer. But now if you start writing the history of a computer, the visitor will naturally get bored and leave your blog. So write the exact article.

6. Post to Social Media

If a new shop is opened, it needs to be promoted. And if the customer doesn’t know about your shop, how will he come to your shop?  Now we can compare the website to a shop. If so, then the website needs to be promoted. For this, social media can be helpful for you.

At present, there is no one who doesn’t use social media. And why would you spend so much effort and money without such a large platform?

You can have a good idea about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit. Then you can easily get a good visitor from social media.


7. Video Marketing

Image is more than writing and video is more thoughtful than image. So video marketing can be an important medium for your website.

Many people like to watch that related video more than reading an article. And the video is made by thinking about these visitors. As a result, you can get a better idea of that topic without reading the article.


It is usually difficult to write a tutorial article. Again, it is difficult for the reader to understand the tutorial article. Besides the article, if a video is published based on that topic, visitors or readers can understand that topic in a short time. To publish a video, Youtube can be helpful for you.


8. Quality backlink

A backlink is an external link that you can get from another site to your site. More simply, linking to your site from another site.

Let’s see the example in the picture below.


Here are two websites. We Linked from the 1st website to the 2nd website(Our website).

Why backlink is needed on your site?

It’s a very important question. Let’s check out the importance of the backlink.

Creating authority: Creating authority means increasing the value of your site. For example, you ask your friend, from where can I learn more about WordPress or which youtube channel should I follow. And your friend suggests you follow the WP Empire website and Code & Design youtube channel.

Here your friend works as a backlink to the WP Empire site and Code & Design. That means your authority is increasing.

To rank your site on the search engine: SEO is so much important for a website. without this SEO, Your site can’t be ranked on a search engine. For the WordPress website, a huge collection of SEO plugin is available.

As it plays a vital role in ranking on a search engine, we have to know how to find the backlink on the right and easiest way.

So, without wasting time, let’s find out a list of how to get backlinks.

  • By writing a good article
  • By leaving a comment on other’s blogs.
  • By forum posts
  • By leaving a comment on forum posts
  • By exchange link
  • By showing ads
  • By purchase a backlink
  • By creating Infographics
  • Active on social media


9. Learn from Your Analytics

What does data analysis mean?

In general, data analysis means the calculation of when, from where, and which pages people visit more.

One of the important tasks of website authorities is to do data analysis. These can be implemented on the next posts by knowing what types of visitors, which ages, and what they read. For this, you can use Google Analytics

10. Write regularly

You must be regular in publishing articles on your site. It is important to be regular to get visitors to your website or blog.

Because when a visitor notices you publishing articles at a given time, he or she will regularly visit your site.

And if you can’t publish articles on your blog regularly, you can’t bring visitors to your blog no matter how hard you work.

For example, you did not write a single article for 2/3 months after writing an article.  you do not get a new visitor as well as you will lose your previous visit.

Of course, don’t post on websites or blogs in such a way that you post 4-5 articles a day, then spend a week or a month without publishing a post.


Final Thoughts

We all know that it’s hard to get traffic without SEO. Though, SEO is very important in getting traffic on the website.  You also have to remember that if the Google algorithm changes and SEO is the only way to get traffic to your site, your site may end up.


So, you need to use a mixed strategy to catch website traffic, not just relying on SEO.

For this, I listed 10 strategies to get website traffic.  And since these tactics are free, so anyone can use them.

For Any Question,  Let Me Know In The Comments Or Facebook Group Or Page


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